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Factory Start-Up

With the establishment of Farabard Company -a new company affiliated with Farassan and working under the same general management- in 2001, I became the first official employee of this newly established company. Due to my skill in designing machinery and also because of my ability in managing various projects, I was promoted as the Executive Manager of the Fan Department at Farabard in 2004. In 2007, Farabard Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Plant was inaugurated with the purpose of constructing specialized machinery for GRP pipe production and I was appointed as Head of Factory. Under my management, Farabard achieved the title of “Outstanding Industrial and Exporting Unit” in 2009 and was commended by the Ministry of Industries and Mines. My biggest accomplishment, however, was in 2010, when I successfully designed the world’s largest hydrotest for GRP pipes for one of Farabard’s major clients in Turkey.

The following is a summary of the projects undertaken and completed by me during my years of employment at Farabard company.

Management projects at Farabard

  • The creation of Farabard’s organizational chart
  • The creation of a job evaluation system for Farabard employees for the first time in Farassan Group
  • Improving the means of managing Farabard personnel through a new system of Management by Objective (MBO)
  • Introducing document archive and management system by Microsoft One Note.
  • Moving toward Process Based Management
  • Attempts toward Quality Management according to ISO 9001-2008
  • Preparation of job descriptions for all factory personnel
  • Taking in control all documents external to the organization
  • Assessing the capabilities of all Farabard staff and personnel in three levels of self assessment, assessment by direct supervision and indirect supervision
  • Starting a time sheet system for manufacturing personnel for the purpose of evaluating working hours and estimating project costs
  • Taking in control production projects and creating precise weekly progress reports
  • Finding the roots of producing ‘NOT OK’ parts and designing corrective action toward a 25% decrease due to operational errors
  • Lowering production costs by starting an Internal Factor System
  • Systematizing planning and project management through the use of MSP (Microsoft Project)
  • Evaluating working times of workstations and designing corrective action toward its improvement

 Farabard Factory 2007                

Farabard Factory 2010.