Axial Fan

·         Used 3D CAD modeling to design numerous industrial fans up to 36 feet and drive shafts for various industrial complexes, refinery plants , petrochemical plants, and  oil and gas projects

·         Used reverse engineering method to design and manufacture specific fiberglass fans and hubs

·         Performed considerable improvements on the original design of various industrial fans and hubs based on feedback from end users; improved customer satisfaction by 20%

·         Designed molds for new fiberglass fans

·         Used fan performance curves and fluid dynamic hand calculations to improve the efficiency of air cooler and cooling tower fans in the summer by 5% and reduce their power consumption in the winter by calculating the best angle of fan blades

·         Used  Motion Analysis Software (Working Model) to solve the main problem of an Automatic Variable Pitch fan and designed a 50% lighter fan resulting in easier installation and energy saving


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