Babak Torabi    

I have a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Shiraz University and numerous years of experience as a professional Machine Designer.
My interest in the field of mechanical design was triggered at an early age, when I started working in a machine shop factory at the age of 16 and achieved first place in a national competition among all participants of the five industrial zones in Iran in the field of machining (Universal Lathe Machine).

Pursuing a career in this field, I started working as a design technician at Farassan Company on a part-time basis in 1999. In April 2000, I was officially employed and began working full-time as a design engineer at Farassan GRP Pipe Plant . In the same year, I was given a promotion and was transferred to Farassan Central Office where I continued my work in the field of hub and fan design.
With the establishment of Farabard Company -a new company affiliated with Farassan and working under the same general management- in 2001, I became the first official employee of this newly established company. Due to my skill in designing machinery and also because of my ability in managing various projects, I was promoted as the Executive Manager of the Fan Department at Farabard in 2004. In 2007, Farabard Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Plantwas inaugurated with the purpose of constructing specialized machinery for GRP pipe production and I was appointed as head of factory. Under my management, Farabard achieved the title of “Outstanding Industrial and Exporting Unit” in 2009 and was commended by the Ministry of Industries and Mines. My biggest accomplishment, however, was in 2010, when I successfully designed the world’s largest hydrotest for GRP pipes for one of Farabard’s major clients in Turkey. 

Later in 2010, I moved to Canada with my family, hoping to find better life opportunities and looking forward to making new discoveries. In my ten-years of professional career in Industrial Machine Design, I have successfully completed many great projects for oil and gas refinery plants, petrochemical plants, melt steel plants and power plants across Iran.

I have been involved in the design and manufacture of the following machines:
CNC continuous filament winder machinesSawCalibration and Chamfering
Angle Cutting, Coupling MillingGrinder Machines for GRP PipeHydrotest Machine
Vibrating Screen SeparatorPneumatic ConveyorsPneumatic Feeder
Heavy Load Capacity Hydraulic MachineryCyclone SeparatorBag Filter
Big Universal Lathe MachineConveying EquipmentHydraulic Presses
Long Spacer-Type Flexible CouplingsHub FansFRP Fan
Rubber Tensile Testing MachineFRP MouldsAutomatic Hub
Rubber Moulds and Rubber Press MachineRotary ValveBelt Conveyors

Core Competencies
·   Product Design & Development·   Efficiency Improvement· Manufacturing Strategies
· Assessment/ Design/ Implementation·  Creative Problem Solving·   Multi-project Management
· Job task planning and organizing· Finite Element Analysis (FEA)·   Inventor, SolidWorks, Ansys
· Strong management and problem solving skills• Estimate costs and materials· C#, SQL Server
• Highly competent, capable and creative• Great ability in multi-taskin· Microsoft Office Suite


Professional Experience

Mechanical Design Engineer


GrandPipe Manufacturing Inc. Vancouver                                    


  • Conducting meetings with engineering departments and development at municipalities in greater Vancouver area
  • Applying for CSA Standard for new products
  • Preparing engineering detail drawings, assembly, explode view drawings, and shop drawings
  • Using FEA analysis & simulation methods to design parts and  3D assembly models
  • Using  Motion Analysis for accurately simulating and analyzing the effects of motion elements of an assembly
  • Designing  heavy mobile steel structures which tolerate large dynamic loads
  • Selecting proper gearmotor, gearbox and electrical motor for machine design projects
  • Designing 3D assembly models of products using SolidWorks
  • Designed and supervised the production of heavy mobile steel structures (up to 30 tons) which tolerate large dynamic loads (up to 2500 tons)
  • Developing and updating various product line, technical documentation for operation, assembly and maintenance
  • Utilizing GD&T on mechanical design drawing and ISO standards in development of drawing packages, assemblies and BOMs
  • Designing drive systems using chain drives, belt drives, gear reducers, drive shafts and stainless steel drive shafts (long spacer-type flexible couplings)

Farabard Factory Manager


Farassan (Farabard) - Shiraz, Iran                                      


  • Contributed significantly to the establishment of Farabard Industrial Company, oversaw the training of employees in the use of new equipment and production techniques, developed and executed efficient plans to meet production targets, corresponded directly and effectively with clients and customers.
  •  Oversaw the manufacturing floor and monitored various stages of production
  • Supervised the construction of CNC continuous filament winder machines and all their accessories, including saw, calibration and chamfering, angle cutting, coupling milling
  • The creation of Farabard’s organizational chart
  • The creation of a job evaluation system for Farabard employees for the first time in Farassan Group
  • Improving the means of managing Farabard personnel through a new system of Management by Objective (MBO)
  • Introducing document archive and management system by Microsoft One Note
  • Moving toward Process Based Management
  • Attempts toward Quality Management according to ISO 9001-2008
  • Preparation of job descriptions for all factory personnel
  • Taking in control all documents external to the organization
  • Assessing the capabilities of all Farabard staff and personnel in three levels of self-assessment, assessment by direct supervision and indirect supervision
  • Starting a time sheet system for manufacturing personnel for the purpose of evaluating working hours and estimating project costs
  • Taking in control production projects and creating precise weekly progress reports
  • Finding the roots of producing ‘NOT OK’ parts and designing corrective action toward a 25% decrease due to operational errors
  • Lowering production costs by starting an Internal Factor System
  • Systematizing planning and project management through the use of MSP (Microsoft Project)
  • Evaluating working times of workstations and designing corrective action toward its improvement

Mechanical Design Engineer & Executive Manager


Farassan (Farabard) - Shiraz, Iran                                    


  • Designed and supervised the production of heavy mobile steel structures (up to 30 tons) which tolerate large dynamic loads (up to 2500 tons)
  • Designed axial flow FRP fans of up to 33 ft (10 m) in diameter
  • Designed mechanical conveying equipment, pneumatic conveyors, belt conveyors, cyclone separator, bag filter, cams, vibrating screen separator and heavy load capacity hydraulic machinery
  • Designed drive systems using power screws, chain drives, belt drives, gear reducers, shafts and stainless steel drive shafts (long spacer-type flexible couplings)
  • Strong analytical approach to machine design, maintenance and troubleshooting with an extensive background in factory machinery components, engineering material properties and applications
  • Used FEA analysis & simulation methods to identify product structural safety margins and optimize product configuration for cost, deflection & weight
  • Utilized GD&T on mechanical design drawing and ISO standards in development of drawing packages, assemblies and BOMs
  • Used CAD tools (Inventor and CATIA) to design three dimensional assembly models of products
  • Designed and manufactured spare parts and FRP molds for the GRP pipe factory of Farassan Industrial Company
  • Examined stress requirements, completed tolerance analysis, performed component and assembly fit analysis, and created engineering drawings for prototype design and production
  • Completed documentation packages and drawing sets and examined drawings for conformity and errors

Fan & Hub Projects

Having been responsible for the design and selection of numerous cooling tower and air-cooler fans, drive shafts and gear reducers for various industrial complexes such as oil and gas refinery plants, petrochemical plants, melt steel plants and power plants, I have been able to significantly improve the efficiency of fans in the summer and reduce power consumption in the winter by calculating the best angle of fan blades. My numerous years of experience in this field has provided me with an excellent knowledge in the area of selection as well as maintenance of fans produced by some of the world’s leading companies, namely  Hudson, Cofimco and Howden.
  • Design and production management of 5000 hubs, fans, and drive shafts for various industrial uses in the country
  • Design and manufacture of cooling tower drive shafts for the first time in Iran in 2001
  • Design and manufacture of new automatic hubs for air-coolers


Farassan Industrial Company - Shiraz, Iran

Mechanical Engineer2000 – 2001
  • Provided basic designs and plans to facilitate repair procedures in the factory
  • Worked as part of Farassan Company’s Maintenance Department to make the necessary changes to lines of production


Volunteer Experience

 Assistant to Events Coordinator, West End Senior’s Network, Vancouver, BC


 Main Projects


  • Designed and  supervisedthe production  of 4 hydrotest machines that are used to carry out hydrostatic tests on GRP and steel pipes.  The last Hydrotest designed in 2010 was the largest in the world 
  • Design consultation and supervision of the production of  GRP pipe manufacturing machines (CNC continuous Filament Winder)
  • Designed a new Automatic Hub for air cooler fans which changes blade angle while the fan is operating.
  • Designed long spacer-type flexible couplings that are used in cooling towers to transmit power from the motor to the gear box. Possible maximum pipe bend was determined using ANSYS software 
  • Created a big Universal Lathe Machine which can perform machining in a 4 meter diameter. This machine was created by applying certain changes to an old Universal Lathe Machine.
  • Designed and supervised the production of 2 grinder machines to make slots in GRP pipe couplings. Themain shaft of the spindle drive was 1100mm in length, 100mm in diameter and 3000 RPM.
  • Designed and supervised the production of 5 grinder machines for GRP pipe chamfering.
  • Designed and manufactured a fully pneumatic sand conveying system (Dilute Phase) with its additional devices including vibrator, bag filter, and cyclone separator.
  • Designed a new pneumatic feeder in Dilute Phase pneumatic conveying systems.
  • Designed and supervised the production of several hydraulic presses  

M.Sc. Project
  • An investigation of the effect of slot cross section area in pipes used for pneumatic transportation of granular materials



  • Mehrdad Farid, Bahman Gharesifard, Jamshid Mozafari, Alireza Torabi, Design, manufacturing, and control of a winding mechanism for composite (GRP) flanges, Proceeding of 11th annual conference of mechanical engineering May 2003, Mashhad, Iran.


Special Training

Training course on SolidWorks
BCIT,Vancouver, B.C.

Training course on Welding Inspection 
Recognized by AWS- Certificate # AWS/CWI/882018

Training course on Fundamentals of Data Base (SQL Server)
Navid Pars Educational Institute, Shiraz, Iran 


Training course on Internal Quality Audit (ISO 9000: 2008 Series)         
Recognized by TUV Academy, Germany- Certificate #QA-IR09/2819


Training course on WPS-PQR (In accordance with ASME IX 2004 edition)
Aria Azmoon Sanat Co., Tehran, Iran

Training Course on Problem Solving
Coaches21- At Shiraz, Iran- Certificate #TC07/3588


Training course on 3D Design Modeling and Complex Industrial Components using "Catia" 
Navid Pars Educational Institute, Shiraz, Iran
Training course on “Ansys” 
Navid Pars Educational Institute, Shiraz, Iran 


Training course on Precision Instrument 
Industrial Management Institute, Shiraz, Iran 


Training course on Programmable Logic Control (PLC)
Industrial Management Institute, Shiraz, Iran 


Training course on Introduction to Hydraulics H511
Festo Didactic Iran, Tehran, Iran


Training  course on Microsoft Project Software (MSP)
Industrial Management Institute, Shiraz, Iran 


Training Course on   Geometrical Dimensions &Tolerance (GD&T)
Industry and Scientific Services Company of Fars Province



Awards and Achievements 

  • Designed the world’s largest hydro-test for GRP pipes, 2010 
  • Commendation Certificate for “Outstanding Industrial & Exporting Unit ” issued by Organization of Industries and Mines of Fars Provicne, 2010 
  • 2 special tokens of appreciation for outstanding annual performance from the General Manager and Board Members of Farassan Industrial Group and Farabard Company, 2006 & 2010 
  • 7 Commendation Plaques for outstanding successful experiences (33 experiences) in Farassan Industrial Group, 2006 – 2010 
  • 3 tokens of appreciation for good annual performance from the General Manager of Farassan Industrial Group and Farabard company, 2001, 2004 & 2005 
  • Commendation Certificate for “Outstanding Working Group of Fars Province” issued by Labor and Social Affairs Organization of Fars Province, 2003                      
  • Ranked 1st in National Machining Competition (Universal Lathe Machine), Certificate of Achievement from Education Organization of Fars Province, 1990